Thursday, 21 July 2016


RAPA CODA NUMBO is a pneumonic we use in school to aid mental calculations in maths:

PA - PArtitioning 

 RA - Round and Adjust

CO - COunt On

DA - Double and Adjust
For example: 29 + 29 (Calculate 30 + 30 and subtract 2)
                      201 x2 (Calculate 200 + 200 and add 2)

NUMBO - Number Bonds

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

iPad Device Instructions

*NB: Since writing this post, Apple appear to have removed a number of these books from iTunes. We are investigating why.* 

Some Year Five children have again completed their work on iPad devices published it online. The children needed to write instructions to explain how to do something on an iPad device. Take a look at the iBooks below: 

"Monty's Quest” by Sonnie:

"How to Use Your iPad” by Lola:  

"How to Play Quento” by Isabelle:  

"How to Change the Background on your iPad” by Ellouise:
"Using the 'AB Maths' App on an iPad" by Ben:

"How to Use Siri” by Oscar: 

"How to use Quento” by Leon:

"How to Delete iPad Apps”:  

"How to Change Your iPad Wallpaper” by Izzy:  

"How to change your background or lock screen!” by Sophie:  

If you download one of the books, we'd appreciate a 'Review' on iTunes or a comment below.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Y5 Art Gallery

In July, the school's gallery was filled with an item of artwork from each of the Year Five pupils. Many parents and brothers & sisters came to see the work. It will remain in place all of next year.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Moving On...

Joely, Gabriel and Matthew have been thinking about forthcoming changes of year group and have chosen to write about this on their Night Zookeeper blog:




Monday, 11 July 2016

100 WC Showcase Week 24

Charlotte wrote a 100 Word Challenge entry that needed to be based upon a photograph of a prison cell. Again, like many times this year, her work was 'Showcased' on the 100 Word challenge website.


Below is a copy of her writing that was originally posted here (Have a read of the comment(s) left for Charlotte too).


 I opened my eyes to see an unfamiliar room with rusty bronze bars at the entrance. I was in prison. I closed my eyes, rubbed them hard then opened them. But I was still there. I kept silent as I could see other prisoners asleep and security guards outside some of the other cells. The bars wouldn’t budge as I shook them hard and kicked against them with all my might. I was trapped here forever. I looked around the room again for an escape route. But it was no use, I was trapped here forever.