Thursday, 23 February 2017


In computing, we've been creating some tessellating patterns. Mia and Riley from 5BH created these:

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Lego Disco Batman

Again, we've been using a photograph as a writing prompt. Children were shown the image below and asked to write about it.

Here is what Cora and Amelie wrote:

Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Thieves’ Arrival by Carnell

Long, long ago in a small village in China, lived a boy called Yang. One hot day, Yang said to his mum, “Mum, can I look at that cave?” But before she could reply, Yang was off. He went in the rocky cave which stood beside their house, looked around and decided to go deeper. The cave was very, very dark and he felt scared. As he ran across the rock he accidentally cut himself on his leg. At the same time, he heard a loud, rumbling sound which shook the earth and a large rock fell across the entrance to the cave! 

Just then, a roar came from inside the cave. Yang limped further in the dark and a dragon appeared! But it wasn’t any old dragon – it was a Chinese dragon called Móshù Shui Long! He had blue, water-drop-patterned skin and magical, water powers. It roared like ten lions, and Yang said in a scared voice, “It’s fine, I won’t hurt you.” So the dragon carefully approached Yang and in a low voice asked, “Are you hurt?”
On the other side of the cave, Yang’s mother could see thieves arriving with a huge box, so big it could fit a Chinese dragon inside. They left it next to Yang’s house then decided to go inside to see if there was anything valuable to steal. Just then, Yang heard his mother screaming! Next minute, the dragon roared and the
thieves came to the cave. They entered the cave, but they were immediately blasted away by the dragon’s fiery breath!
The thieves ran to the box, unchained the padlock which held the lid tight, then ran for their lives. A serpent as big as Móshù Shui Long came out of the box. It wasn’t any ordinary serpent, it was a serpent with arms and legs! Immediately, it went for Móshù Shui Long. “I am called Huái Snake,” he announced in an evil voice. Although he was tired, the dragon did a lot of damage to the snake, who disappeared to find the thieves.
Over the next two hours, Yang trained the dragon in preparation for the thieves’ return. When the dragon was ready, the snake appeared with the two thieves and they battled! Each of them were hitting and kicking each other and throwing each other to the ground. Finally, Móshù Shui Long made a poisoned cloud out of his watery breath. The poison hurt Huai Snake, but the snake bit his fangs into Móshù Shui Long, who made magic water which made Huai Snake fall. Móshù Shui Long went back down and threw Huai Snake away. Then, Yang went and had rice for dinner. The dragon was given a prize by Yang’s mother, and he and Yang were friends forever.

Friday, 3 February 2017

2017 Limerick Competition Winners

Once again, as part of our poetry studies, we’ve held a Limerick competition. We had many excellent entries and it was difficult to choose winners. 

I hate my auntie shopping,
That is why I ended up hopping.
I cried and lied,
And, so hard I tried.
That's why I feel like popping!
Morgan C

Two aliens came from the moon,
So they could write an alien tune.
It was dreadful at first.
Then they wrote a new verse,
and it hit the top ten in June!
Millie & Kitty

There were once two crafty looters,
Who tried to steal Crosshall’s computers,
They made too much sound,
And got chased into the playground,
Where they were run over by kids on their scooters.
Thomas B

There once was a puppy called Flosie,
Who became rather naughty and bossy.
She wanted a stick,
And jumped up real quick,
Licked my nose and made it all glossy.
Mia L

Monday, 30 January 2017

100 Word Challenge Showcase Week 17

Most weeks, 5DA/LM take part in the 100 Word Challenge. Last week, for the first time this academic year, some of our children's writing was chosen for the Showcase. Links to the writing by Morgan and Amelie can be found below. 

If you have time, please add to the comments they've already received about their work. Well done to them both.